State of the Union 2018: Social Media Toolkit

As the State of the Union is delivered on January 30, 2018, help us drive awareness of how kids fit in to the federal budget with these sample posts and images:

  • Children represent 23% of the Union, but receive less than 8% of the Federal Budget #SOTU #InvestInKids

  • To really improve the state of the union, federal policymakers need to #raisethecaps and #InvestInKids

  • The #SOTU is a good time to ask: are kids a priority in federal budget decisions? Not according to Children’s Budget 2017. It’s time to #InvestInKids

  • As @BruceLesley reminds us in Children’s Budget 2017, kids must not be an afterthought. Is their voice being heard at the #SOTU?

  • Funding for Early Childhood remains in jeopardy as the Maternal and Infant Early Care Home Visiting (MIECHV) program waits for reauthorization. See how we can better #InvestInKids this year;

  • Children’s education spending increased by less than 1% since 2014. The United States of America can do more to support our students and #InvestInKids #SOTU

  • Our service members have students in their families—but investments in their education have decreased by 8.3% since 2014. This year, let’s #InvestInKids. #SOTU

  • Extending CHIP funding for a at least 10 years would save money and help children #CHIPforGood #SOTU #InvestInKids

  • Did you know Community Health Centers haven’t been funded yet? Don’t let our investments in children’s health fall through the cracks #InvestInKids #SOTU

  • We can #InvestInKids by investing in their housing, but funding has declined 6% in just four years. We can do better. See our report on the situation: #SOTU #InvestInKids

  • Reminder: Income supports lift kids out of poverty, but the share going to kids has been decreasing since 2014. We can’t let that trend continue in 2018. #SOTU #InvestInKids

  • Food insecurity remains a serious issue for 13 million children. We can’t afford for kids to lose access to vital nutrition programs: #InvestInKids #SOTU

  • Did you know that only .05 % of the federal budget goes to #ChildSafety programs? #InvestInKids and make their safety paramount. #SOTU

  • As we consider the economy, remember that if we don’t invest in youth training, we’ll have less capacity to meet the growing needs of our workforce. #InvestInKids and invest in our future. #SOTU